When I was a kid, I was in Indian Guides, which is a YMCA form of Boy Scouts. Our outings always seemed loosely organized, in the best way – we would go camping, and all the dads would set up, then drink beer, while the kids would go off and raise hell. I was the youngest in my 'tribe', the Sioux, which is a really bad-ass name, considering there was a tribe called 'Kickapoo' (they really pulled the shortest straw on that one). 
I think Indian Guides is called Adventure Guides now, because cultural sensitivity, which is too bad, because they are missing out on a great tradition, choosing their Indian name (from the Indian Guides manual). My brother picked Broken Arrow, which is pretty damn cool, and I chose Thunderbird, because I liked it's 'logo'. My now deceased dad was Wounded Elk. I never thought to ask him why.
(edit: My brother reminded me that this coincided with my dad's motorcycle accident in the Mojave, where he broke ten ribs, fractured his collar bone, and punched a hole in his lung. Makes sense). 
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